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From: Edna Duncan
Subject: ICEEWR-2016: International Conference on Environment, Energy and Water Resources 28-30 November, 2016, London, United Kingdom
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 10:50:43 +0000

Dear Colleague,

The International Conference on Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water Resources (ICEEWR-2016), will be held in London during 28-30 November, 2016. The Environment and Energy Experts Conference is for people with an interest in and concern for scientific policy in Renewable energy, Climate change, Flood control, Safe Agricultural practices, Health, Water and Environmental e management. The aim of this conference, is to present the latest research and results of scientists and researchers to address numerous vexing questions related to climate change, energy, environment and water pollution. This conference provides opportunities for the different areas participants to exchange new ideas and experiences, to establish business or research relationship and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Plenary speakers will include some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of Climatology, Renewable Energy and Environmental science, as well as numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by researchers and practitioners.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations and workshops/interactive sessions. Proposals and ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas must be discussed with the conference secretary for approval. Participation as an observer is available for those who are unable to submit paper for presentation. Limited number of Access Grant will be given to participating delegates attending the conference to cover per diem, and travel insurance.


*Agriculture* Engineering* Science* Climate change* Flood and flood control* Ozone Layer Depletion and implication* Renewable Energy* Alternative fuels and sustainability* Air Pollution and Public Health* Global Water Resources and air pollution* Landslides and Hurricane management* Biomass *Environmental Degradation.

Other topics related to water pollution:* Water Quality and Public Health:* Purification of drinking-water supplies* Erosion and Erosion control* Waste-water treatment technologies* Methods of monitoring water quality* Modeling and measuring of water pollution* New water purification technologies* Ground water pollution control* Water resources and quality assessment* Water resource protection and sustainability* Hydro-biology and water pollution.

Conference Registration: All presenters are expected to register once their abstract is accepted. Registration is free of charge for delegates from developing countries. Also free flight ticket, travel insurance and per diem to be provided for all paper presenters and participating delegates.

Proposal Submission Deadlines for ICECCEWR-2016 Conference

Proposals are reviewed in phases and may be submitted any time up to the final deadline. Proposals for In-Person presentations submitted prior to the Interim Deadlines are given special guarantees and considerations. Proposal for an In-Person presentation received at the Final Submission Deadline will be given a place in the conference program, but requests for session types, presentation times, or thematic grouping may not be guaranteed.

Important Dates :

Abstracts/Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline - 31st October, 2016
Notification of Acceptance - 7th November, 2016
Final Paper Submission Deadline - 20th November, 2016
Conference dates - 28-30 November, 2016

Conference Convener: Environmental and Energy Experts: 17 Downington Court, Pegasus Park, Herald Way London-ECIN2HT United Kingdom.

For information about registration, accommodation, visa and flight ticket, please contact: Mrs. Edna Duncan,(Director: Public Information and Communication) via

Mrs. Edna Duncan,
(Director: Public Information and Communication)

Environmental and Energy Experts,
17 Downingtown Court, Pegasus Park,
Herald Way

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