Please Publish as a continuing Fraudulent Meeting Scam: The person who has now changed his email address is still trying to solicit funds from me for a reservation at a false hotel
Subject: Ivory Suites reservation details
Date: Wed. 11 Apr 2012 04:26:21 -0400

Dear GSCCED 2012 participant

Thank you for your interest in Ivory Suites. Your booking information is as follows

Name: …
Participation Code: 0535
Room Type: Superior Queen
Number of Occupants: one
Arrival Date: 15th of April 2012
Departure Date: 21st of April 2012
Cost: =GBP 112
Amount to be paid for booking for the 6 days period: =GBP 784
50% discount for GSCCED 2012 participants: =GBP 392
Amount to be paid: =GBP 392

Kindly send the a fore mentioned fee (=GBP 806.4) to:

Name: Greg Wallace
Amount: =GBP 392
Address: 517 Copley Close, Hanwell, London, W7 1QH, UK
Mode of payment: Western Union or Money Gram

Once this is done email me your payment details to complete your reservation and hence Booking receipt.

Greg Wallace
Assistant Manager
Ivory Suites=2C UK

Disclaimer: Please be informed that all GSCCED 2012 Participant with discounts are to make their payment via western union or money gram for easier remittances and notification as usual account system takes time to reflect.