GEO Task ST-09-02 Kick-Off Meeting

ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
July 27-28, 2009
July 27, 11:00 - July 28, 15:30 UTC
Agenda (Version 0.2 of 2009- 6-22 11:53)


1 11:00-11:15 Welcome and Discussion of Agenda

2 11:15-12:00 Report on Activities of Participants
Each participant is asked to prepare a brief report on recent activities contributing to the specific activities as listed in the Task Sheet. Written reports for inclusion in the Task Sheet should be submitted before July 20, 2009 to the Task POC.

3 12:00-13:00 Review of the Task Sheet
The current Task Sheet has a number of missing parts, which need to be completed. Drafts will be made available for Resources , Capacity Building , User Engagements , and Science and Technology prior to the meeting and discussed by e-mail. These parts will be reviewed briefly. The main part of the Task Sheet Review will focus on the expected output of the Task.

4 14:00-15:40 Review of Activity 1: Links with major scientific research enterprises
This activity has three sub-activities:

  1. High-level list of major scientific research enterprises necessary for GEOSS: ICSU is asked to report on the status of the list, which should be available early in 2010. Coordination with ST-09-01 is an issue, too.
  2. Identification the key organizations currently not linked to GEO and development of mechanisms for linkage to these organizations. Participants are asked to consider commitment to this activity. All participants should provide organizations in their field that should but are not linked to GEO. Mechanisms for linkage include individual contacts, for example, at relevant meetings, presentations by participants at relevant meetings, official invitations through the GEO Secretariat, etc. More proposals for mechanisms are welcome.
  3. Organize, support, launch, or initiate, where necessary, workshops to network the new organizations with relevant Task Team and CoPs in the different SBA. Although this activity is not planned until 2011 or 2012, it could also be worthwhile to consider some workshops already in 2010, depending on which organizations have joined GEO. New organizations definitely need an introduction to GEO and the relevant processes in GEO, in order to reduce friction caused by misunderstandings.

5 16:00-17:30 Review of Activity 2: Encourage scientists and technical experts to contribute to GEOSS
This activity has three sub-activities:

  1. Getting GEOSS acknowledged: The immediate activity is to propose a GEOSS citation standard, which would provide the means for visible acknowledgment of scientific contributions to GEOSS whenever GEOSS products or services are used. The goal is to have this proposal ready for the GEO Plenary in 2009. All Participants are asked to contribute ideas. However, one participant should volunteer to take the lead.
  2. Establishing a "GEO label": Develop a concept for a "GEO label" related to the scientific relevance, quality, acceptance and societal needs for activities in support of GEOSS as an attractive incentive for involvement of the S and T communities. A draft concept will be proposed in early 2010 liaising with existing major Earth observation data providers.
  3. Enhancing registration of relevant scientific data sets. Increase relevance and benefits of GEOSS registries for scientific communities as a means for dissemination and a source of core data sets, which are often produced by science organizations and needed for both research and GEOSS services. Accomplishing this through targeted contacts with relevant groups will dramatically increase the acceptance of GEOSS in the S+T communities as a resource for accessing scientific data and further motivate registration.

6 17:30-19:00 Review of Activity 3: Outreach to diverse scientific and technological communities in order to make GEOSS more visible and attractive
This activity has the following sub-activities:

  1. Support outreach of GEO Principals, Committee members and other delegates to S and T communities by the provision of a slide library (ppt): This activity was intended to produce results already in June 2009. An example of the slide library is available here ... More input is needed, e.g. from the GEO Secretariat.
  2. Compile a set of compelling examples showing how GEOSS serves S and T communities in their work. This activity is intended to strongly feed into the preparations for the Ministerial in 2010. A participant needs to commit to lead this activity, which requires coordination with the GEO Secretariat since the examples should be made available through the GEO Web page.
  3. Showing "GEOSS at Work" through games using GEOSS products. This is led by IEEE, and includes promotion of young scientist activities through the "Save Earth Game Price" established by IEEE. A report will be given/provided.

7 09:00-10:45 Review of Activity 4: Specific efforts to contact universities and research laboratories with the goal to involve them in GEOSS activities.
This activity has the following sub-activities:

  1. Outreach to major university cooperation programs and research network.
  2. Proactive collaboration between GEO Tasks and S and T activities at universities and labs. Although this is planned to take place from 2010 onwards, it would be helpful to have a participant commit to lead this activity.
  3. Transition from research to operational (2010 onwards). A first step is to screen information (web-based, survey with the Participating Organizations, other means) for candidate research activities that are relevant for a transition.

8 11:15-13:00 Review of Activity 5: Presence of GEO at major symposiums and other meetings on different levels.
The steps planned include:

  1. Plenary presentations on GEO and GEOSS in relevant sessions at major science events. IEEE committed to lead this and a report it expected.
  2. Organize specific session on GEOSS-related topics at major scientific meetings. All participants are asked to report on actions taken and plans.
  3. Side events at major scientific meetings. All participants are asked to report on actions taken and plans.
  4. Prospectus for a series of SBA-specific major conferences to be convened before 2015. One or more participants need to commit to draft the prospectus, preferably in cooperation with relevant CoPs.

8 14:00 - 14:30 Review of the science contents of the GEO Work Plan.
The Task Team is asked to contribute to the development of the concept. Input is requested both with respect to the concept of the process that should be used to carry out this review and the candidate reviewers.

9 14:30 - 15:00 Input to the ST-09-01 Task Team meeting
The participants are asked to comment on the feedback ST-09-02 should provide to ST-09-01.

10 15:00-15:15 Any other business

11 15:15-15:20 Date and time of next Task Meeting

12 15:20-15:30 Summary of Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

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