List of Action Items

List created on 2011-10-23 10:46:46 -0700

Action Item ST2-T7-1: Ian McCallum and Hans-Peter Plag will send invitations to relevant people to attend the ST-09-02 meeting in Salzburg. Responsible: Hans-Peter Plag, Ian McCallum, Deadline: 2011-09-02.

Status of Action Item ST2-T7-1: Done.
Report: Hans-Peter Plag sent out invitations to several representatives of organizations involved in data citation. Reported on 2011-10-01 by Hans-Peter Plag.

Action Item ST2-T6-1: Christoph Waldmann will provide information on EUFOnet and focus on how it relates to the GEO Label. Responsible: Christoph Waldmann, Deadline: 2011-06-30.

Action Item ST2-T4-2: All ST-09-02 members will provide information about major scientific conference to Responsible: All, Deadline: 2011-05-31.

Status of Action Item ST2-T4-2: Open.
Report: Considerable input was provided by the EGIDA project, in particular Russell Lefevre. A large number of conferences was included by Hans-Peter Plag. It is recommended that other team members also continue to provide information. Reported on 2011-08-20 by Hans-Peter Plag.

Action Item ST2-T2-2: Stuart Marsh will follow up with Rob Koopman and Ian Jackson to ensure that a revised proposal for the compelling example "OneGeology" is submitted. Responsible: Stuart Marsh, Deadline: 2011-04-30.

Status of Action Item ST2-T2-2: Open.
Report: At T3, Stuart Marsh reported that a proposal will most likely be submitted after the EGDIA workshop on compelling examples to be held on April 18-19, 2011 in Rome. Reported on 2011-03-20 by Hans-Peter Plag.

Action Item ST2-T1-1: Russell Lefevre will solicit a proposal of a compelling example for the GEOSS portfolio for Science and Technology in the Energy SBA. Responsible: Russell Lefevre, Deadline: 2011-01-15.

Status of Action Item ST2-T1-1: Open.
Report: Russell Lefevre had contacted several times Ellsworth LeDrew, the chair of the Energy CoP, but up to now, he has not received an answer. On January 27, 2011, Hans-Peter Plag talked to Ellsworth LeDrew, and afterward he sent out a mail to several people requesting the submission of a proposal. Hans-Peter Plag added some clarification. However, up to now, no proposal has been submitted. Reported on 2011-02-20 by Hans-Peter Plag.

Action Item ST2-T1-2: Stuart Marsh and Hans-Peter Plag will prepare a proposal of a compelling example for the GEOSS portfolio for Science and Technology in the Disaster SBA. Responsible: Stuart Marsh, Hans-Peter Plag, Deadline: 2011-01-15.

Status of Action Item ST2-T1-2: Open.
Report: Due to other commitments, this activity is delayed. Reported on 2011-01-21 by Hans-Peter Plag.

Action Item ST2-M2-8: Vojko Bratina will invite an additional proposal for a compelling example. Responsible: Vojko Bratina, Deadline: 2010-10-15.

Status of Action Item ST2-M2-8: Open.
Report: Vojko Bratina confirmed that he will continue to work on soliciting a proposal. Reported on 2011-01-18 by Hans-Peter Plag.

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