GEO UIC Showcases: A Discussion and Selection Forum

The GEO Committees have been asked by the Task Force for the Preparation of the Minsterial Summit to submit together up to a total of ten proposals for Showcases to be featured at the Ministerial Summit in 2010. The Task Force gave some guidance on the Showcases. These Showcases might, for instance, include achievements that are regional in nature (e.g., Asia Water Cycle), one overarching achievement on capacity building, and achievements on high-profile issues (e.g., the global carbon monitoring system)

In order to submit proposals supported by the majority of the UIC members, the UIC called on the UIC members for a submission of proposals for potential Showcases to the UIC. Proposals selected by the UIC were going to be submitted to the Task Force for consideration. Deadline for the submission of proposals to the UIC was 15 December 2010, but a submission as early as possible was recommended.

UIC-supported showcases should include a significant user-related components and illustrate the value-added contribution of GEO in general and the UIC in particular. This could include examples of (1) the engagement of real “end users” and the linkage of their needs to the System of Systems or (2) the improvement in decision making from using better observations and the measured or estimated potential societal benefits. Criteria for the selection of showcases by the Task Force are available here.

All submitted proposals were made available through this web page immediately after submission for comments from the UIC members. The UIC members were invited to comment on the proposals and to enter an e-mail discussion. The main period of this discussion was between December 15 and January 1, 2010, but earlier comments were encouraged.

The UIC members were supposed to be invited to participate in a UIC telecon to take place in the time window between January 4-8, 2010. However, this telecon was restricted to the UIC Co-chairs. During this telecon, selection of the one to three proposals to be submitted to the Task Force was made.

Note that proposals that were not selected by the UIC or the Task Force as one of the few Ministerial Showcases will later be considered for display during the Exhibition and/or for Publication in the new Full Picture table top book. Proposals to be considered for showcases for the Exhibition can still be submitted.

If you are a UIC member and still would like to submit a proposal for a Showcase for the Exhibition, please, download and fill in the Template and submit it to Hans-Peter Plag. In case, your browser is set up to send your e-mails, you may also fill in the on-line Form and submit this form.

A list of the proposals submitted so far is available here ...

If you want to comment on one of the proposals, send your comments to clearly indicating the proposal you are commenting on.

In case of problems, mail to Web Administrator.