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GEO Task ID-03: Science and Technology in GEOSS

Extended Task Sheet:
Science and Technology — Status of Activities - Activity 5.3

Revolving scientific review of each Work Plan (Road Map Activity 1a)

Goals of Activity

Revolving scientific review of each Work Plan on grounds of scientific and technological soundness and completeness against the outstanding questions and challenges in each of the SBAs.

Road Map Annex 1: Activity 1a

A revolving scientific review of each Work Plan, starting with the work plan for 2009-2011 is conducted. The outcomes of these reviews will be assessment reports of the Work Plans against the outstanding questions and challenges in each of the GEO Societal Benefit Areas (SBA). These assessments may recommend changes to objectives and scope of existing Tasks or propose new Tasks to respond to any identified deficits or overlaps. The recommendations may also identify opportunities for cooperation between Tasks, suggest inclusion of specific activities from outside GEOSS, or motivate the definition of new ones. The scope of the Work Plan Reviews also includes reviewing the completeness of the nine SBAs. To be effective, the Work Plan reviews should involve scientists and institutions of significant standing in the community and retain sufficient independence from the authors of the Work Plans. The STC advises on the review effort and seeks ways to support the work with dedicated funding from science foundations of member countries. The first report was completed by the time of the GEO Ministerial Summit in 20101.

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