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GEO Task ID-03: Science and Technology in GEOSS

Extended Task Sheet: Task Definition and Task Leads

Task Number: ID-03
Task Title: Science and Technology in GEOSS
Area: Science and Technology
Relevant Board: IDB
Related Targets: Strategic Target 4.


  • The following task description is reproduced from the Work Plan 2012-2015, Version 2.3. Note that ID-03 changed considerably between earlier Work Plan versions and Version 2.3. For an older Task Description, see Previous Version.

Related GEOSS Strategic Targets (from GEO-VI Document 12 Rev1)

Science and Technology: Improved and new instrumentation and observation system design for in-situ, airborne, and space-based observation, benefiting from advances in science and technology. Increased accessibility of global sets of scientific data necessary for improved Earth System modelling in the different GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas. Increased accessibility of data and improved coordination and maintenance of observational systems through GEOSS are realized by the research community.


Advance GEOSS through integration of innovations in Earth observation science and technology, also enabling the research community to fully benefit from GEOSS accomplishments. Promote research and development (R&D) in key areas of Earth sciences to facilitate improvements to Earth observation and information systems, and support the transition of systems and techniques from research to operations. Engage with a wide range of science and technology communities including individual scientists and their institutions, both public and private.


C1 Engaging Science and Technology (S&T) Communities in GEOSS Implementation

European Commission (EC FP7), Spain (CSIC), and IEEE (hpplag@odu.edu)

Priority Actions

Implement the GEO Science and Technology Roadmap. In particular,

  • Engage with science and technology communities with the goal to promote GEOSS and encourage contributions to the development and implementation of GEOSS
  • Maintain a portfolio of compelling examples illustrating the contribution of science and technology to GEOSS and the value of GEOSS for science and research
  • Expand and maintain a GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Network e.g. through regular workshops
  • Organize special sessions on GEOSS at major meetings and document these sessions in a web-based system. Develop and maintain a GEOSS Science and Technology Service Suite to support interactions with science and technology communities
  • Maintain the User Requirement Registry (URR) and ensure that S&T needs of GEOSS and its users are captured in the URR

To Be Implemented in Connection with

  • All Work Plan Tasks

Resources Available for Implementation

  • In-kind contribution from IEEE

IEEE, Point of Contact: Hans-Peter Plag,
EC, Steffen Fritz, Ian McCallum

EGU has set up a Earth System Science Data (ESSD) network. This could be of interest for ST-09-02 and the GEOSS Label.
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