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Date Contacts Type Meeting description Venue, Co-locations, other information GEO/GEOSS Activities
26-29 March 2012 Web Page CO Title: Planet Under Pressure - New Knowledge Towards Solutions
Duration: Four days.
Objectives: see web page.
Participants: All interested stakeholders in sustainability and global change.
London, U.K. The conference has a number of sessions related to GEOSS. Several proposals were submitted by GEO participants but only one was accepted. For a full documentation of related GEO activities, see here

A session proposal "GEOSS Support for Monitoring and Understanding the Pressure on the Planet" was submitted by Plag (conveners: Cripe, Minchin, Plag, Bye, Kileshye Onema) but not accepted. Other proposals were submitted by the GEO Secretariat. Only one GEO-related proposal was accepted.

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