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GEO Task ST-09-02

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GGOS intends to initiate R&D projects with the goal to foster direct contribution to GEO Work Plan Tasks. GGOS has established a Working Group on Geo Relations, which has the charter to ensure information flow between GEO and GEOSS on the one side and the scientific community contributing to GGOS and IAG.

GGOS also brings science communities to relevant GEO Workshops and organizes science-oriented workshops relevant to GEO in cooperation with GEO and other organizations. An example is the workshop "Towards a roadmap for future satellite gravity missions" (see the Workshop Page for more details), which was held on September 30 to October 2, 2009. At major scientific conferences, GGOS organizes specific sessions related to GGOS and invites routinly presentations which address the GGOS contributions to GEOSS. These presentations inform the scientific audience about GEOSS.


Activity 5.2: IAG through GGOS contributes to a number of sessions, workshops and events that link GGOS and Earth science to GEOSS. At these conferences, key note lectures emphasizes the links between GGOS and GEOSS and thus inform the audience about the role of GEOSS for science, and they make a point of the importance of science and technology for GEOSS. Recent examples are the IGARSS 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, IAU General Assembly 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the IAG Symposium 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and sessions at the AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA.

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