Second Meeting of the Task Team of GEO Task ST-09-02

ISPRA, Rome, Italy
September 30, 2010, 14:00 - 18:00
Agenda (Version 0.3 of 2010- 9-30 0:29)


1 (14:00 - 14:10) Welcome, introduction of participants, and acceptance of agenda

2 (14:10 - 14:15) Notes from the Kickoff meeting
The notes from the kickoff meeting are available here . The notes will not be reviewed, but if there are any additional corrections, they will be noted.

3 (14:15 - 14:25) Review of Action Items
A list of the action items is available here . Reports on the status of action items should be submitted where possible before the meeting. Since most AIs are either closed or obsolete only a brief summary will be given.

4 (14:25 - 14:45) Report on Activities of Participants
Each participant is asked to prepare a brief written report on recent activities contributing to the specific activities as listed in the Task Sheet. The written reports for inclusion in the Task Sheet should be submitted before asap to the Task POC. During the meeting, only highlights should be reported.

5 (14:45 - 15:15) Showing GEOSS at Work: Compelling Examples
The ST-09-02 members were asked prior to the meeting to review a number of proposals for compelling examples. Based on the reviews, a selection was made and the result will be presented. We will discuss different options for publishing these examples.

6 (15:15 - 16:00) The GEO Label Report (STC Roadmap Activity 2b)
A preliminary incomplete draft label concept has been distributed to the members. The STC has discussed some aspects. We will discuss the draft proposal for the Label and its implementation.

7 (16:00 - 17:00) A GEOSS Citation Standard (STC Roadmap Activity 2a)
A proposal for a GEOSS Citation Standard will be presented during the meeting. The goal is to agree in the near future on a draft proposal to be presented and discussed at the next STC meeting.

8 (17:00 - 17:20) Presence at major conferences
ST-09-02 has several activities aiming to ensure the presence of GEOSS topics at major conferences either through plenary presentations, dedicated sessions, and side event. The status will be reviewed. This indicates the need to develop a more structured approach for the future. We will discuss how such an approach could be developed.

9 (17:20 - 17:35) GEOSS Promotion Material
We will discuss to what extent we can contribute to the production of promotion material and how this should be disseminated.

10 (17:35 - 17:50) Future WebEx conferences and face2face meetings
The experience over the last year has shown that working only be e-mail is not very productive, and some meeting activity is needed to keep actions going. It is proosed to have at least one meeting per year, preferably two, which should be co-located with other meetings (AGU, STC, future EGIDA meetings). In addition, a WebEx conference should take place every two months.

11 (17:50 - 18:00) Summary and Action Items

Agenda prepared by Hans-Peter Plag

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