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Exploring the URR Contents Related to ICZM

In the development of a structural diagram for a specific area such as ICZM, the graphical tool of the URR can be useful to ensure a reasonable structure. The graphics shows the current contents of the URR if ICZM is used as the center of the graphics. If the directionality of the links would be visible, we would see that ICZM is currently not a source of any of the Links entries in the URR. Thus, it is a root entry at the end of a number of value chains from observations to end applications and end users. A key end user type associated with ICZM is the coastal zone manager, which in fact may be located in a number of agencies and organizations.

At this end level, the URR contents reflects the overall picture already very well, with the first to levels of ICZM fully captured. ICZM as a whole is also connected to a capacity building need and so is the user type coastal zone manager.

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