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The main Relations of the URR

The basic relations of the URR are:

  • Applications: processes and activities that use Earth observations or derived information to produce new information, arrive at decisions, or execute decisions.
  • User Types: generic users who are involved in applications, benefit from these, or contribute to them.
  • Requirements: specifications of observations or derived products.
  • Research Needs: research tasks to be performed in order to enable applications that are currently not possible due to a lack of knowledge.
  • Technology Needs: description of preferably observational requirements that cannot be met because the necessary technology to carry out the observations is not available and a description of what this technology would be.
  • Infrastructure Needs: description of requirements that cannot be met or applications that can not take place because of the lack of infrastructure and a description of the infrastructure necessary to enable the applications.
  • Capacity Building Needs: description of problems that in parts or globally cannot be solved today because of a lack of capacity in terms of organizational or human resources and a description of the necessary capacity building that would enable applications addressing these problems.