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Questions to ask for Populating the URR

For those, who want to publish information on their local environment, a local approach makes sense. In getting ready to publish in the URR, there are eight questions that you should ask, if this is your approach:

  • What do you do in your occupation and what does your organization do? Is there a web-site?
  • How would you describe your more important activities? What are those of your organization?
  • What decision-making are you involved in, either directly or indirectly by providing research or decision support tool development?
  • What impact/benefits result or might potentially result from this decision-making, including the expected time frame of the impact/benefits? Does the organization measure the impacts/benefits?
  • Does your organization operate a system or systems that collect observational data, either in-situ or remotely sensed? Describe these systems. Are you part of a larger system?
  • What observational data, geographical data, socio-economic data and/or models/forecasts, if any, are used in the decision-making or the indirect support to the decision-making
  • What are the needs for additional information that could improve the decision-making or the indirect support to the decision-making?
  • What regional or international working groups are you a member of or on the mailing list of?

These questions also provide an excellent basis for interviews with users.