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Energy: Improving management of energy resources

Sustainable exploitation of energy resources is of critical importance to all countries. Key concerns for both governments and the private sector include reliable access to energy, the efficient management of energy resources, improved technologies for stabilizing or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the need to report energy emissions levels to the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change and other bodies.

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) provides information of value for governments and companies in their effort to manage energy resources more effectively. GEOSS provides information supporting the evaluation of the potential for producing renewable energy and reducing the impacts of fossil fuels. Data and information provided by GEOSS also supports the monitoring and forecasting of fluctuations in hydropower, solar, ocean and wind energy sources; allows the assessing and predicting of environmental impacts of energy exploration, extraction, transportation and consumption; helps reducing weather-related and other risks to energy infrastructure; and informs other aspects of energy-policy planning in both developing and developed countries.

Examples in the Energy SBA:

There are currently no examples for the Energy SBA. Please, check again in the near future, since we expect to include examples here soon.

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