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GEOSS and Science and Technology

GEOSS has a bidirectional relation to science and technology (S&T). On the one hand, GEOSS depends on input from S&T communities and can not evolve to meet rapidly expanding user needs without this input. On the other hand, GEOSS is a unique source of Earth observation data and related products essential for research in all nine of the Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs) of Earth observations. Moreover, the technological challenges posed by the implementation of GEOSS stimulates technology development in many technology communities. GEOSS therefore needs to nurture links to relevant S&T communities, both by promote the use GEOSS in these communities and by encouraging contributions from these communities to GEOSS.

Engaging Science and Technology Communities in GEO

The Road Map of the GEO Science and Technology Committee (STC) includes a number of activities focused on engaging relevant S&T communities in GEOSS. One of these activities aims to promote awareness and benefits of GEOSS in S&T communities with the goal to achieve breakthroughs in the understanding of the Earth’s changing environment and the global integrated Earth system. One goal is to encourage the scientific community to collaborate within GEO to address interactions between the components of the global integrated Earth system, and to connect natural and socioeconomic sciences.

A Portfolio Showing GEOSS at Work for Science and Technology

In order to stimulate broader involvement of S&T communities in GEOSS, both as users and contributors, the GEO Task ST-09-02 is compiling a portfolio with examples showing how GEOSS serves S&T communities in their work. This GEOSS portfolio intends to illustrate the broad range of benefits S&T communities might have by relating to GEOSS, be it as credited and valued contributors, users who benefit from the data sharing, or individuals and groups benefiting from stronger links to end users.

Outstanding Projects Illustrating GEOSS' Service for Science and Technology

Potential representative examples for the portfolio have been identified in cooperation with GEO Tasks. After careful search through available reports and documentations, more than thirty groups were invited to submit proposals. The proposals received were reviewed by the ST-09-02 Task team based on a pre-defined review form and a quantitative rating system.

So far, eight proposals have been selected for inclusion in the portfolio. These examples demonstrate the benefit of GEOSS for S&T communities. GEOSS provides access to many services, data sets and products of value for scientists, researchers and developers. In many cases, new research is enabled and would not be possible without access to the Earth observation products accessible through the GEO portal. The examples show how the products accessible through the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) work for S&T communities.

A living portfolio of GEOSS

The selected examples constitute the basis of an impressive portfolio demonstrating the benefits of GEOSS for S&T communities. As GEOSS is evolving, this portfolio will expand, based on new peer-reviewed examples, and the individual examples will evolve and change. Publication of the portfolio therefore needs to be adjustable and to a large extent be a living documentation. Using a web-based format for publication of the portfolio will be the most efficient means for maintaining and updating it. Thus, at the core of the publication concept for the GEOSS portfolio for S&T is this web page. The portfolio home page provides information on the background and goals of the portfolio, and a separate page provides more details on the relevance of a well-developed relation between GEOSS and S&T communities. For each SBA as well as cross-cutting themes, an overview is given on the available examples in the portfolio, and links to the external pages maintained by the teams behind the examples are provided. Ones the portfolio has reached a representative coverage, it is planned to complement this living portfolio with a snapshot in form of a book. Videos and slide shows for the individual examples also will be added and made available through the web site.

Do we want more CEs?

Yes, the GEOSS Portfolio has an open solicitation for proposals for examples to be included in the portfolio. Proposals should be submitted using the proposal template. Proposers are advised to consult the review form, which will be used by ST-09-02 Task Team members to review and evaluate the proposals. For proposals that are accepted after evaluation, authors will be asked to prepare as initial contribution a two-page handout addressing the issues outlined in the guidelines for 2P stories.

Download a brief description of the GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology as pdf.

Last edited 02 December 2016

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