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Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Work Plan 2009-2011 (Version 20090113)

GEO Task ST-09-01: Task Sheet and Auxiliary Material
Task Number: ST-09-01
Task Title: Catalyzing Research and Development (R&D) Funding for GEOSS
Area: Science and Technology
Relevant Committee: STC
Related Targets: Strategic Target 5.

Task Definition (modified from the 2009-2011 Work Plan):

Encourage national governments and international organizations to address GEOSS Science and Technology needs in their R&D programmes. As stated in "The Role of Science and Technology in GEOSS" , it should be a priority for GEO Members and Participating Organizations to involve research institutions and funding agencies in GEOSS implementation. To this end, GEO Members and Participating Organizations will be encouraged to: (i) plan and conduct R&D activities in support of GEOSS implementation; (ii) Contribute relevant R&D activities (planned or ongoing) to GEOSS implementation; (iii) Identify and earmark funding sources for those activities; and (iv) promote GEOSS throughout the process.

Activities will include: Related activities will include: Develop proposals and guidelines to assist R&D agencies in addressing GEO needs. Engage a dialogue with decision makers and funding agencies. Identify programmes relevant to GEOSS Science and Technology needs and encourage them to collaborate with one another.

EC, Gilles.Ollier, Florence Beroud

Point of Contact: Kathy Fontaine

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