Updated Task Sheet:

Individual contributions:

GEO Task ST-09-01

Outputs (e.g. products and services which result from the activities of the Task/sub-task; outlined in the form of deliverables with timelines)


  • Identified set of key Science and Technology programmes needed in the context of the development of GEOSS as well as targeted funding and other resource mechanisms (mid 2009).
  • Identified set of key commercial/industry companies with substantial science, technology, or applications interests in GEOSS or datasets of broad scientific value (end 2009).
  • Report on S&T gaps, priorities, and continuity needs to support GEO (2010 Summit).
  • Establishment of effective forum/network of funding agencies, Members and POs supporting key Science and Technology programmes to exchange views on current actions and discuss overcoming S&T gaps, priorities and continuity needs (early 2010).
  • Response to S&T gaps, priorities and continuity needs by this forum, including describing Best Practices in responding to these (e.g. by a workshop report).

Produced (current status):

Here we should review the activities/outputs and list what has been achieved so far. There are a number of outputs that are worth/important to list here.

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