1stJoint Workshop of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board
Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology
Bonn, Germany, May 9-11, 2011


Monday, May 9, 2011

1100 - 1300:Registration
1300 - 1400:Opening Session (Chair: Michael Nyenhuis)
1300-1305Michael Nyenhuis: Welcome and Opening Remarks
1305-1310Stefano Nativi: Welcome Note by EGIDA
1310-1315Gilles Ollier: Welcome Note on Behalf of the European Commission
1315-1320Douglas Cripe: Welcome Note on Behalf of the GEO Secretariat
1320-1340Guy-Romain Kinfoussia: Earth Information Needs of a Parliamentarian: The View from a Developing Country (ppt)
1340-1400Victor Castillo: Earth Information Needs of a Intergovernmental Agency: The View from an UN Agency — UNCCD (ppt)
1400 - 1535:P1: Introducing EGIDA (Co-chairs: Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman)
1400-1408Stefano Nativi: The EGIDA Project (ppt)
1408-1423Stuart Marsh: Catalyzing Research and Development Funding for GEOSS (ppt)
1423-1438Ian McCallum: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO (ppt)
1438-1453Nico Bonora: Outcomes of the EGIDA Workshop on the National Initiatives for Implementing GEO/GEOSS (ppt)
1453-1508Paolo Mazzetti: EGIDA Methodology and Use Cases (ppt)
1508-1523Russell Lefevre: EGIDA Dissemination (ppt)
1523-1535All: Discussion
1535 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:P2: Role of Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board (Co-chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Herbert Haubold)
1600-1610Stefano Nativi: EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board and Their Relevance for EGIDA and GEO (ppt)
1610-1620Tamer Özalp: TÜBITAK's Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1620-1630Saurabh Sinah: IEEE's Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1630-1640Ivana Vasiljevic: University of Belgrade and its Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1640-1655Herbert Haubold: Participatory Processes in (Research) Projects (ppt)
1655-1730All: Discussion: Elaborating a Common Understanding of the Stakeholder Network's Role in EGIDA
1730 - 1830:P3: Workshop Goals and Charter for Breakout Sessions (Co-Chairs: Hans-Peter Plag, Russell Lefevre)
1730-1745Hans-Peter Plag: Workshop Goals and Expected Outcomes (ppt)
1745-1800Russell Lefevre: Charter for Breakout Sessions (ppt)
1800-1830All: Discussion: Goals of Breakout Sessions and Expected Workshop Outcomes
1930 - 2130:no-host Dinner

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1300:B1: Stakeholder Network (Co-Chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Hans-Peter Plag)
0900-0920Jörn Hoffmann: The STC Road Map (ppt)
0920-0940Michael Nyenhuis: The Role of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network in the GEO and GEOSS Context (ppt)
0940-1000Hans-Peter Plag: Mapping Stakeholders and STC Road Map (ppt)
1000-1020Giuseppe Manzella: Ensuring Stakeholder Input to the Review of the GEO Work Plan (ppt)
1020-1050Russell Lefevre: Reaching Out to S&T Stakeholders (ppt)
1050 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115-1130Francoise Pearlman and Jay Pearlman: Using GEOSS Workshops to get Input from Stakeholders in Requirements (ppt)
1130-1145Bente Lilja Bye: Using new Media to Connect to Stakeholders in all SBAs (ppt)
1145-1200Michael Diepenbroek: PANGAEA (Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science) in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS) (ppt)
1200-1215Rudy Husar: Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP) (ppt)
1215-1230Holm Voigt: GWSP Presentation and Potential Role in GEO (ppt)
1230-1255All: Discussion of the Scope, Membership, and Activities of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network
1255-1300Hans-Peter Plag: Membership, Activity Plan, and Working Mode of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network (ppt)
1115 - 1300:B2: Advisory Board (Co-Chairs: Douglas Cripe, Stuart Minchin)
 Agenda. For an updated list of Advisory Board members, see here.
1300 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1800:B3: GEOSS S&T needs: Developing a processes for matching research funding and research teams (Co-Chairs: Gilles Ollier, Bente Lilja Bye)
1400-1405Bente Lilja Bye and Gilles Ollier: Introduction to session — goals/outline of work
1405-1450Per Koch: The OECD Governance of International Co-operation on Science, Technology and Innovation for Global Challenges project - developing methodologies for funding global challenges (ppt)
1450-1530Maria Uhle: Belmont Forum/ICSU/ISSC Earth Visioning and Earth System Research for Global Sustainability initiative (ppt)
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600-1620Aris Kaloudis and Per Koch: ERANet- a European tool to fund overarching (national and disciplines) S&T activities (ppt)
1620-1640Janos Bogardi: Global Water System Project (GWSP) support mechanism (ppt)
1640-1710Gilles Ollier: European Commission's funding of GEOSS (ppt)
1710-1730Douglas Cripe or Alexia Massacand: GEO – overview including workplan and CfP process (ppt)
1730-1750Stuart Minchin: GEO gap analysis: Identifying research needs (ppt)
1750-1800All: Discussion: Development of a Methodology for Funding Mechanisms (will be based on a discussion paper to be distributed at the Workshop and on previous presentations, see Draft position paper)
1800-1810All: Discussion: Charter for a Combined GEO - ESRGS - OECD Funding Agency Forum (ppt)
1400 - 1800: B4: Linking GEOSS and S&T in all SBAs (Co-Chairs: Udo Gärtner, Kathy Fontaine)
1400-1415Udo Gärtner and Kathleen Fontaine: Introduction
1415-1435Hans-Peter Plag: The GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology (html, ppt)
1435-1455Jean-Louise Fellous: GEO and Science (ppt)
1455-1515Wouter Los: Lifewatch (ppt)
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600-1620Sergio Cinnirella: Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) (ppt)
1620-1640Roberto Pastres: MEDINA (ppt)
1640-1700Stefan Winkler-Nees: Research/Data Infrastructures (ppt)
1700-1720Martin Schultz: Air Quality CoP (ppt)
1720-1740Chris Justice: Agriculture CoP (ppt)
1740-1800Udo Gärtner and Kathleen Fontaine: Wrap-Up

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1000:P5: Reports from the Breakout Sessions (Co-Chairs: Bente Lilja Bye, Stefano Nativi)
0900-0905Hans-Peter Plag: Summary Statement, Breakout Session B1 (ppt)
0905-0910Stuart Minchin: Summary Statement, Breakout Session B2
0910-0925Russell Lefevre: Report from Breakout Session B3
0925-0940Udo Gärtner: Report from Breakout Session B4 (ppt)
0940-1000All: Discussion: Identifying GEOSS Research Needs Across SBAs and Facilitating Resources
1000 - 1100:P6: Towards the implementation of the STC Roadmap (Co-Chairs: Jörn Hoffmann, Michael Nyenhuis)
1000-1015Jörn Hoffmann: Current Progress Towards Implementing the S&T Road Map (ppt)
Which are the Priority Actions of Implementation?
How can Progress on These Priorities be Supported?
1100 - 1130:Coffee Break
1130 - 1245:P7: Specific Activities and Contributions (Chair: Stuart Marsh)
1130-1145Douglas Cripe: The Framework for Contributions: GEO Work Plan 2012-15 (pdf)
1145-1200Athina Trakas: The Architecture Implementation Pilot: a Vehicle for new GEO S&T Actions (pdf)
1200-1210Hans-Peter Plag: B1 Actions and Contribution Summary (ppt)
1210-1220Stuart Minchin: B2 Actions and Contribution Summary
1220-1230Russel Lefevre: B3 Actions and Contribution Summary
1230-1240Udo Gärtner: B4 Actions and Contribution Summary
1240-1245Stuart Marsh: Outlook: The S&T Road Map and the new GEO Structure
1245 - 1300:Final Remarks and Workshop Closing

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