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1stJoint Workshop of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board
Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology
Bonn, Germany, May 9-11, 2011

Session P1: Introducing EGIDA

Co-chairs: Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman

This session will give an overview of the EGIDA project by describing its goals, partners, work plan.

Preparing a sustainable process promoting coordination of activities carried out by the GEO S&T Committee, S&T national and European initiatives and other S&T Communities, the EGIDA project will support broader implementation and effectiveness of the GEOSS S&T Roadmap and the GEOSS mission throughcoherent and interoperable networking of National and European projects, and international initiatives. EGIDA will deliver evaluation processes, tests and assessment indexes, expertise databases, a "GEO-Label" concept, surveys and other instruments linking relevant European S&T communities to GEOSS.

The session goal is to provide sufficient background information on EGIDA to all workshop participants.

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