GEO Disaster Tasks:



Science and Technology Review of Work Plan Tasks in the Disaster SBA


The Science and Technology Committee (STC) is in the process of reviewing science and technology aspects of the GEO Work Plan for each Societal Benefit Area (SBA). For the 13th Meeting of the STC to be held on March 24-26, 2010 in Ankara, Turkey, the Disaster SBA Tasks will be considered. Therefore, we are contacting all Point of Contacts (PoC) for the Disaster Tasks and ask them to answer the following questions.

Task Point of Contact:
1. What S&T issues are relevant for the Task?
2. What S&T activities are currently carried out in the frame of the Task, and what scientific and/or technological components and/or developments are being used to complete this task?
3. Does the Task Team have sufficient expertise to complete the task? If not, what is missing?
4. Does the Task Team have sufficient resources to complete this task (resources can be defined as funding, data, in-kind support, or any other element)?
5. What relevant S&T issues should be addressed but are currently not covered by the Task? In particular, do you see any scientific or technological barriers or science and technology gaps that might prevent you from completing this task within the Work Plan time frame?
6. Are there any issues with sustained operation/continuity (e.g., of sensors, observation, data archives, modeling, etc) that should be addressed in the frame of your tasks or in support of your task? Is there any help from ST-09-02 your Task would like to facilitate in order to promote a transition from research to more sustained operation?
7. How would you prioritize the science or technology issues relevant for your task?
8. What linkages exist between your Task and other Disaster Tasks?
9. What cross-cutting issues are most relevant for the Task and how are these addressed?
10. Does your Task draw on other activities inside or outside GEOSS?
11. What additional resources could be leveraged (existing and new) to complete this task?
12. Could your Task be used as a “compelling example” of how GEO and GEOSS works for science and technology communities? If so, who would be the contact person between Task ST-09-02 and your Task to develop the documentation of the example?
13. What other circumstances are relevant for the completion of the Task?
14. Would you be available to participate in the STC 13 Session (e.g., by webex/telecon)? The session is scheduled for March 25, 14:30 – 17:30 local time (12:30 – 15:30 UTC).
Please send the completed questionnaire to Stuart Marsh and Hans-Peter Plag ( and by March 18, 2010.