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STC Review of the Disaster SBA

Responses related to ST-09-03a

Task: DI-09-03: Warning Systems for Disasters
Sub-Task: DI-09-03a: Tsunami Early Warning System of Systems
Point of Contact: Peter Koltermann

The Point of Contact did not return a questionnaire. In a mail of March 18, 2010, he wrote:

Dear GEO,

You might find in your files the statement on the IOC's primary mandate, and the position it maintains towards requests from GEO. You also might find that the Group you refer to has never been established nor met due to the lack of funds from GEO. It was also requested that the task be struck from your list for above reasons.

This has not been changed as of visible benefits the ICG member states might secure from GEO.

Thanks, Peter


Fine with me. As you might recall, or discover in your files, is that IOC can not use the GEO mechanism in parallel to its agreed work structure, therefore is only monitoring developments in and contributions of GEO that might impact on the IOC's mandate and performance re TWSs. IOC will there fore as in the past be very much interested to received relevant information from or about GEO. For parallel work there are NO resources available at IOC that could cover this extra work load at the level of quality that meets IOC's standard requirements.


Peter Koltermann
Head, Tsunami Coordination Unit
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO
1 Rue Miollis
75732 Paris cedex 15

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