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The URR lexicon is a collection of terms used to describe and characterize user types, applications, requirements, and links between these. The lexicon does not attempt to be an ontology, thesaurus or taxonomy (see the glossary for a definition of these terms) but rather is a collection of all relevant terms.

Lexicon terms can be simple words (nouns, adjectives, verbs) or combination of several words of different type. However, such combinations should be used carefully and be restricted to combinations that are widely used and well defined in this combination. 'Natural hazard' is an example of a combination that is well defined and widely used and therefore should be included in the lexicon. Another example is 'early warning', which also is an application of earth observations and therefore should be an entry in both the Lexicon as a term and the Applications registries. For example, the combination 'landslide research' is not a standing expression on the same level with the other two examples, and therefore should not be included in the Lexicon. However, 'landslide research' is an application with specific needs in terms of Earth observations and therefore should be (and is) included in the Application registry.

The edit functions are described in detail in the Edit tutorials included in the General section for the Publish menue, specifically for the functions New, Edit/View all, Copy, Save, and Cancel.

Although Save will carry out a check for uniqueness, it is recommended to check the URR for similar or identical terms before entering an anticipated new term into a blank form.

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