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Saving Entries

Changes made to an entry in a form, be it a new entry or a modified existing one, need to be saved by clicking on Save in order to be permanent. In the following cases, Save will carry out a check for uniqueness of the entry name:

  • If a name has been entered in a blank form, the uniqueness of the new name will be checked, and the full form will only be opened for input if the name does not already exist in the registry.
  • If a name of an existing entry has been changed, the uniqueness of the changed name will be checked, and the modified entry will only be saved if the new name does not already exists. Otherwise, a warning will be displayed and none of the changes made since the last successful save will be saved.
  • If a name has been entered in a copy of an existing entry (using Copy, see the Copy tutorial), the uniqueness of the new name will be checked before the copy is actually saved and opened for further modification.

The first example shows a blank Application form after a new application name has been entered (in this example 'tsunami early warning') and a click on 'Save' has resulted in a confirmation that this entry has been successfully inserted, which implies the uniqueness of this name. The form is now open for entering the information for the new entry.

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