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Research needs describe research that should be carried in order to enable applications or improve these. Most often, a research need will be related to one or more applications in the sense that the application depends on the results of the research to be carried out or to be improved. Naming research needs requires careful considerations. On the one hand, a very general name (such as 'surface displacements') may leads to overlaps with research needs for the similar problems. On the other hand, a very specific name (e.g., 'surface displacements for earthquake magnitude determination') may lead to duplications for the same quantity and nearly identical characteristics for other applications.

The edit functions are described in detail in the Edit tutorials included in the General section for the Publish menue, specifically for the functions New, Edit/View all, Copy, Save, and Cancel.

Although Save will carry out a check for uniqueness, it is recommended to check the URR for similar or identical research need names before entering an anticipated new research need name into a blank form.

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