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The URR allows the establishment of links between a source and target entry. Based on the published links, which create connectivity between entries, the URR can be used to analyze value chains and networks and to respond to a number of research questions.

Links can be established between basically all pairs of entries. Currently, link sources and targets can be entries in User Types, Applications, Requirements, Research Needs, Technology Needs, Infrastructure Needs, and Capacity Building Needs..

The edit functions are described in detail in the Edit tutorials included in the General section for the Publish menue, specifically for the functions New, Edit/View all, Copy, Save, and Cancel.

Although Save will carry out a check for uniqueness, it is recommended to check the URR for similar or identical link names before entering an anticipated new link name into a blank form.

You may check the list of existing links, which can be accessed through the 'Edit/View all' button, for the intended link name or similar entries. The list of all published links includes the link name, the source type and name, the target type and name, the date of the last update, the number of comments available for the entry, and the date and author of the last comment on the entry.

It may also be helpful to conduct a search for a major keyword potentially associated with the source and/or target entry of the new link, which may lead to the discovery of entries that refer to a similar link with slightly different name (see the tutorials on searches).

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