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1stJoint Workshop of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board
Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology
Bonn, Germany, May 9-11, 2011

Workshop Sessions
Session P1: Introducing EGIDA

Co-chairs: Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman

This session will give an overview of the EGIDA project by describing its goals, partners, work plan.

Preparing a sustainable process promoting coordination of activities carried out by the GEO S&T Committee, S&T national and European initiatives and other S&T Communities, the EGIDA project will support broader implementation and effectiveness of the GEOSS S&T Roadmap and the GEOSS mission throughcoherent and interoperable networking of National and European projects, and international initiatives. EGIDA will deliver evaluation processes, tests and assessment indexes, expertise databases, a "GEO-Label" concept, surveys and other instruments linking relevant European S&T communities to GEOSS.

The session goal is to provide sufficient background information on EGIDA to all workshop participants.

Session P2: Role of Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board

Co-chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Herbert Haubold

The organizational structure of the EGIDA project includes a Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board. The session will introduce these bodies and discuss their links to and roles for both the EGIDA project, the STC, and the wider GEO community.

Session P3: Workshop Goals and Charter for Breakout Sessions

Co-Chairs: Hans-Peter Plag, Russell Lefevre

This session will give an overview of the goals of the workshop in terms of outcomes and actions. The draft charters for the breakout sessions will be presented and discussed.

Session P4: Connecting the Breakouts

Co-Chairs: Stuart Marsh (TBC), nn

In this session, the results of breakout session B1 and B2 will be presented and discussed. The goal of this session is to ensure that the subsequent breakout sessions B3 and B4 are sufficiently linked to the first breakout sessions.

Session P5: Reports from the Breakout Sessions

Co-Chairs: Bente Lilja Bye, Stefano Nativi

This session will give an overview of the discussions in the four breakout sessions, and the results and recommendations will be presented and discussed.

Session P6: Towards the implementation of the STC Roadmap

Co-Chairs: Jörn Hoffmann, Michael Nyenhuis

The Science and Technology Roadmap structures the approach towards engaging scientific and engineering communities into the development of GEOSS. The Workshop participants are invited to develop

  • possible improvements to the approach, and
  • priorities for the implementation.
Session P7: Specific Activities and Contributions

Co-Chairs: Stuart Marsh, Nicola Pirrone

Based on the discussions and outcomes of Session P6, in this last session of the workshop, focus will be on the prioritization of activities and the identification of contributors to these activities. Of particular interest are those high-priority activities that need attention in the months following the workshop.

Breakout Session B1: Stakeholder Network

Co-Chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Hans-Peter Plag

The goal of this breakout session is to further develop the role, charter, and participation of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network. The relation of the Stakeholder Network to EGIDA, STC, and the broader GEO community, both in terms of representation and contributions will be discussed. An activity plan of the Stakeholder Network will be drafted and contributions of the Stakeholder Network to EGIDA and the implementation of the STC Road Map will be identified.

Breakout Session B2: Advisory Board

Co-Chairs: Douglas Cripe, Stuart Minchin

The goal of this session is to further develop the charter, participation, and action plan of the EGIDA Advisory Board.

Breakout Session B3: GEOSS S&T needs: Developing a processes for matching research funding and research teams

Co-Chairs: Gilles Ollier (TBC), Bente Lilja Bye

A particular focus of the workshop will be on the dialog between GEO and funding agencies for the research and development needed to fully develop GEOSS and to exploit the benefits of GEOSS for S&T. The goal is to develop a process for the communication of S&T needs identified by GEO Committees and GEO Work Plan Tasks to funding agencies and the matching of research teams and available funding programs.

Breakout Session B4: Linking GEOSS and S&T in all SBAs

Co-Chairs: Udo Gärtner, Kathy Fontaine

While the STC and the two ST Work Plan Tasks have been quite successful in linking relevant S&T communities to GEO and GEOSS in some SBAs, such links are insufficiently developed or absent in other SBAs. The goal of the session is to review the current linkage between S&T communities and GEOSS, identify high-priority areas without sufficient links, and discuss steps towards improvements of links in these areas.

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