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1stJoint Workshop of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board
Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology
Bonn, Germany, May 9-11, 2011

Workshop Program

Program Overview: During the first day, 3 plenary session introduced the EGIDA project to the participants, discussed the role of the Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board related to EGIDA and the implementation of the GEO Science and Technology Road Map, and prepared the Breakout session scheduled for the second day. During the morning of the second day, parallel breakout sessions gave the Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board the opportunity to address their specific activities and contributions. During the afternoon of that day, two parallel sessions addressed topical issues that may or may not concern both the Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board.

During the third day, plenary sessions provided a synthesis of the outcomes of the Breakout sessions, discussed steps toward the implementation of the GEO Science and Technology Road Map, and considered specific activities and contributions for the post-Workshop period.

Print version of the program, pdf version.

Meeting Rooms: All sessions are taking place in the 'Unversity Club'.


Monday, May 9, 2011

1100 - 1300:Registration
1300 - 1400:Opening Session (Chair: Michael Nyenhuis)
1300-1305Michael Nyenhuis: Welcome and Opening Remarks
1305-1310Stefano Nativi: Welcome Note by EGIDA
1310-1315Gilles Ollier: Welcome Note on Behalf of the European Commission
1315-1320Douglas Cripe: Welcome Note on Behalf of the GEO Secretariat
1320-1340Guy-Romain Kinfoussia: Earth Information Needs of a Parliamentarian: The View from a Developing Country (ppt)
1340-1400Victor Castillo: Earth Information Needs of a Intergovernmental Agency: The View from an UN Agency — UNCCD (ppt)
1400 - 1535:P1: Introducing EGIDA (Co-chairs: Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman)
1400-1408Stefano Nativi: The EGIDA Project (ppt)
1408-1423Stuart Marsh: Catalyzing Research and Development Funding for GEOSS (ppt)
1423-1438Ian McCallum: Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO (ppt)
1438-1453Nico Bonora: Outcomes of the EGIDA Workshop on the National Initiatives for Implementing GEO/GEOSS (ppt)
1453-1508Paolo Mazzetti: EGIDA Methodology and Use Cases (ppt)
1508-1523Russell Lefevre: EGIDA Dissemination (ppt)
1523-1535All: Discussion
1535 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:P2: Role of Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board (Co-chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Herbert Haubold)
1600-1610Stefano Nativi: EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board and Their Relevance for EGIDA and GEO (ppt)
1610-1620Tamer Özalp: TÜBITAK's Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1620-1630Saurabh Sinah: IEEE's Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1630-1640Ivana Vasiljevic: University of Belgrade and its Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder (ppt)
1640-1655Herbert Haubold: Participatory Processes in (Research) Projects (ppt)
1655-1730All: Discussion: Elaborating a Common Understanding of the Stakeholder Network's Role in EGIDA
1730 - 1830:P3: Workshop Goals and Charter for Breakout Sessions (Co-Chairs: Hans-Peter Plag, Russell Lefevre)
1730-1745Hans-Peter Plag: Workshop Goals and Expected Outcomes (ppt)
1745-1800Russell Lefevre: Charter for Breakout Sessions (ppt)
1800-1830All: Discussion: Goals of Breakout Sessions and Expected Workshop Outcomes
1930 - 2130:no-host Dinner

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1300:B1: Stakeholder Network (Co-Chairs: Michael Nyenhuis, Hans-Peter Plag)
0900-0920Jörn Hoffmann: The STC Road Map (ppt)
0920-0940Michael Nyenhuis: The Role of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network in the GEO and GEOSS Context (ppt)
0940-1000Hans-Peter Plag: Mapping Stakeholders and STC Road Map (ppt)
1000-1020Giuseppe Manzella: Ensuring Stakeholder Input to the Review of the GEO Work Plan (ppt)
1020-1050Russell Lefevre: Reaching Out to S&T Stakeholders (ppt)
1050 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115-1130Francoise Pearlman and Jay Pearlman: Using GEOSS Workshops to get Input from Stakeholders in Requirements (ppt)
1130-1145Bente Lilja Bye: Using new Media to Connect to Stakeholders in all SBAs (ppt)
1145-1200Michael Diepenbroek: PANGAEA (Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science) in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS) (ppt)
1200-1215Rudy Husar: Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP) (ppt)
1215-1230Holm Voigt: GWSP Presentation and Potential Role in GEO (ppt)
1230-1255All: Discussion of the Scope, Membership, and Activities of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network
1255-1300Hans-Peter Plag: Membership, Activity Plan, and Working Mode of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network (ppt)
1115 - 1300:B2: Advisory Board (Co-Chairs: Douglas Cripe, Stuart Minchin)
 Agenda. For an updated list of Advisory Board members, see here.
1300 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1800:B3: GEOSS S&T needs: Developing a processes for matching research funding and research teams (Co-Chairs: Gilles Ollier, Bente Lilja Bye)
1400-1405Bente Lilja Bye and Gilles Ollier: Introduction to session — goals/outline of work
1405-1450Per Koch: The OECD Governance of International Co-operation on Science, Technology and Innovation for Global Challenges project - developing methodologies for funding global challenges (ppt)
1450-1530Maria Uhle: Belmont Forum/ICSU/ISSC Earth Visioning and Earth System Research for Global Sustainability initiative (ppt)
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600-1620Aris Kaloudis and Per Koch: ERANet- a European tool to fund overarching (national and disciplines) S&T activities (ppt)
1620-1640Janos Bogardi: Global Water System Project (GWSP) support mechanism (ppt)
1640-1710Gilles Ollier: European Commission's funding of GEOSS (ppt)
1710-1730Douglas Cripe or Alexia Massacand: GEO – overview including workplan and CfP process (ppt)
1730-1750Stuart Minchin: GEO gap analysis: Identifying research needs (ppt)
1750-1800All: Discussion: Development of a Methodology for Funding Mechanisms (will be based on a discussion paper to be distributed at the Workshop and on previous presentations, see Draft position paper)
1800-1810All: Discussion: Charter for a Combined GEO - ESRGS - OECD Funding Agency Forum (ppt)
1400 - 1800: B4: Linking GEOSS and S&T in all SBAs (Co-Chairs: Udo Gärtner, Kathy Fontaine)
1400-1415Udo Gärtner and Kathleen Fontaine: Introduction
1415-1435Hans-Peter Plag: The GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology (html, ppt)
1435-1455Jean-Louise Fellous: GEO and Science (ppt)
1455-1515Wouter Los: Lifewatch (ppt)
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600-1620Sergio Cinnirella: Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) (ppt)
1620-1640Roberto Pastres: MEDINA (ppt)
1640-1700Stefan Winkler-Nees: Research/Data Infrastructures (ppt)
1700-1720Martin Schultz: Air Quality CoP (ppt)
1720-1740Chris Justice: Agriculture CoP (ppt)
1740-1800Udo Gärtner and Kathleen Fontaine: Wrap-Up

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

0830 - 0900:Coffee
0900 - 1000:P5: Reports from the Breakout Sessions (Co-Chairs: Bente Lilja Bye, Stefano Nativi)
0900-0905Hans-Peter Plag: Summary Statement, Breakout Session B1 (ppt)
0905-0910Stuart Minchin: Summary Statement, Breakout Session B2
0910-0925Russell Lefevre: Report from Breakout Session B3
0925-0940Udo Gärtner: Report from Breakout Session B4 (ppt)
0940-1000All: Discussion: Identifying GEOSS Research Needs Across SBAs and Facilitating Resources
1000 - 1100:P6: Towards the implementation of the STC Roadmap (Co-Chairs: Jörn Hoffmann, Michael Nyenhuis)
1000-1015Jörn Hoffmann: Current Progress Towards Implementing the S&T Road Map (ppt)
Which are the Priority Actions of Implementation?
How can Progress on These Priorities be Supported?
1100 - 1130:Coffee Break
1130 - 1245:P7: Specific Activities and Contributions (Chair: Stuart Marsh)
1130-1145Douglas Cripe: The Framework for Contributions: GEO Work Plan 2012-15 (pdf)
1145-1200Athina Trakas: The Architecture Implementation Pilot: a Vehicle for new GEO S&T Actions (pdf)
1200-1210Hans-Peter Plag: B1 Actions and Contribution Summary (ppt)
1210-1220Stuart Minchin: B2 Actions and Contribution Summary
1220-1230Russel Lefevre: B3 Actions and Contribution Summary
1230-1240Udo Gärtner: B4 Actions and Contribution Summary
1240-1245Stuart Marsh: Outlook: The S&T Road Map and the new GEO Structure
1245 - 1300:Final Remarks and Workshop Closing

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